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Asean Suzuki's Cup - First Leg of Final

Posted by Ritz |

Last night match was very wonderful, the fights showed by both teams are very fascinating. The play was eye-catching, with both sides showed their personal tactics. However, I am quite disappointed by the attitude of some Malaysian's supporters. They have aimed the laser light towards the Indonesian players especially the goalkeeper. It is one of the embarrassing moment in my life as a Malaysian. I really hate it. It is a dirty trick. They should have changed their manners somehow.

However, I would like to praise both team which has showed a great commitment during the game. But, in a game, there always will be only one winner. The winner of the match last night was Malaysia. Malaysian managed to beat Indonesians by 3 - 0. It is not because of the laser light, but because of the spirit and tactics shown by the players. The Indonesian players also should be praised for the attitude and manner shown by them even they lost the game.

I would like to praise Safiq, I think he deserved to be entitled as 'The Player of the Match' as he is the one who play as the masterpiece for the two goals. He is very skillful yet humble. He chose the best options for his team. We can see that through the first goal :)

Well, there is still another 90 minutes left and they are going to play in Indonesia. So, it is still early to crown Malaysia as the winner. Anything can happen within the period of time. But, only the best will win.

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