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Asean Suzuki's Cup - First Leg of Final

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Last night match was very wonderful, the fights showed by both teams are very fascinating. The play was eye-catching, with both sides showed their personal tactics. However, I am quite disappointed by the attitude of some Malaysian's supporters. They have aimed the laser light towards the Indonesian players especially the goalkeeper. It is one of the embarrassing moment in my life as a Malaysian. I really hate it. It is a dirty trick. They should have changed their manners somehow.

However, I would like to praise both team which has showed a great commitment during the game. But, in a game, there always will be only one winner. The winner of the match last night was Malaysia. Malaysian managed to beat Indonesians by 3 - 0. It is not because of the laser light, but because of the spirit and tactics shown by the players. The Indonesian players also should be praised for the attitude and manner shown by them even they lost the game.

I would like to praise Safiq, I think he deserved to be entitled as 'The Player of the Match' as he is the one who play as the masterpiece for the two goals. He is very skillful yet humble. He chose the best options for his team. We can see that through the first goal :)

Well, there is still another 90 minutes left and they are going to play in Indonesia. So, it is still early to crown Malaysia as the winner. Anything can happen within the period of time. But, only the best will win.

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A bad experience during convo

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Everyone will be very grateful to celebrate their first convocation, well the same goes to me. Or maybe I should say, that is how it supposed to be, but the reality is, my first convo is sucks. So many bad things happened on that day. I supposed to be celebrating the excitement and enjoyment with my family and friends. But what did I get? Tense? Yeah hell yes.

There are many reasons that lead to this condition.

1) I was late to the celebration due to.... uhm I have to go with my family members, so u know how will it be right? having to go to a place with our family members is a blessing, but when they're dragging the time............ well it is another thing. so I was late, and was in rush and very not well-organized. I cannot take picture with my friends and family (just managed to take a few of them though)

2) SOMEONE stole my hood!!!! Damn, I cursed whoever has stolen my hood, I had to pay for the fine. Damn it. I believe that the culprit might be one of the graduates hanging around. I really hate you. FUCK. It happened in just a few minutes. I will not curse u if u steal my money or handphones (my exp - lost money n hps but never curse the culprits, not yet). But for this case, I have to go through many things just because of this culprit.

Lastly, the event ended at 6 (nearly) and I have to rush here and there, so I x have plenty time to spend with family and friends taking pictures together. This is the saddest thing, I want to keep the memory forever, and I believe one of the best methods to do so is by taking pictures. But, I just managed to take a few of them.........

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1st Day in KL - Dynasty Hotel

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It is so tiring..... I have to drive all the way from Kuala Terengganu to KL for the first time....... that's why I said it's tiring :P. Well, just checked-in at Dynasty Hotel, well it is quite shocking. The rate given for this hotel is 3-4 stars. The room is nice, well, an apartment hotel with 2 rooms and 2 toilets for just RM330. It is quite cheap right?

Well, it sounds nice, on paper it looks so good to have an apartment hotel with 2 rooms and 1 living room for just RM330. But....... there are some drawbacks too.

Firstly, for a 3 stars (or 4 stars) hotel, I strongly believed that insect must be a MUST NO. BIG NO NO. But this hotel has a lot of insects..... they just like a small cockroach. They're wandering around freely especially during night. No wonder the room is so cheap, cause we have to share it with insects LOL

Secondly, most of the plugs in the room cannot be used. So it is really hard for me to charge my handphone and also my laptop. I don't think a hotel like this hotel must face this kind of problem. Furthermore, some of the facilities cannot be used @ the lamps, etc.

Last but not least, the hotel also do not provide its guest with water hose (in the bathroom/ toilet). So it is hard for Muslims especially to clean themselves after.... u know what :P

Well, overall, I'm not satisfied with the facilities provided, but I do believe that it is quite cheap to have 2 rooms + 1 living room + 3 bathrooms just for RM330. But, I do not think I will go to this hotel again........ not anymore

Well, if u know any hotel that provide cheap room especially for apartment, pls let me know. U can email me. And the lucky one will be rewarded :)

That's all for now, adieu

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I'm back

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Heyya. It has been a while since the last time I updated this blog. Quite busy back then..... and still busy :P. Anyway, I just want to inform that I will be managing this blog again, and hopefully this time I will be damn active.

Hmmmmm..... I'm thinking of giving away a 3 years Bitdefender Internet Security 2011 license to my reader. But in order to be qualified to own it, you have to subscribe to this blog, and I will randomly picked any of the subscribers.

That's all for now. Hope to see ya again soon :P

p/s: very busy with my convocation now.... sigh

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12 Easy Quick Meal Recipes

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I love to cook, and I'm sure that many of you love cooking too.
When I was online, surfing for any news that will catch my attention before suddenly I hooked up at this one post entry. "12 Quick and Easy Meals Anyone Can Make'. The title itself already hooked me. So why not give it a try?

I have looked and read the post, and it is really interesting. So, because I am very generous LOL, I think that maybe I should share it with all of my friends or anyone who loves to cook.

So just read about the post here